Cindy Summer, Spiritual Counselor Introduction

I’m Cindy Summer and it’s good to meet you! In case you are interested in my background, this blog is for you. It is the condensed version of my story, minus the Dark Night of the Soul piece, where the Universe had plans VERY different from mine!

I once had a very ordinary life having been raised conventionally. My first psychic memory dates to that of my eight-year-old self, but that story wasn’t something we talked about in my family. Interestingly as time passed and I entered the teen years, I always wanted to see a psychic, but my mother squashed that idea ever so quickly. Psychics were considered the Devil’s work, according to certain interpretations of the Bible. Even though I am exceedingly empathic, my decision making was mentally oriented because it seemed safer. I earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration, majored in accounting, passed the CPA exam and worked for, at the time, what was considered a Big Eight accounting firm. I didn’t want to throw away twenty years of experience down the drain; I had managed to have my own accounting business for many years after I left the corporate world. I did everything “right” and yet was miserable. How could this be? This is how my transition from accountant to psychic occurred.

Vividly, I recall being on vacation with my young girls at Mammoth Caves in Kentucky.  We were in one of the beautiful geode shops acting like a tourist. Once everyone cleared out, except for my family, the owner took me aside and read me, unsolicited. I was floored at her accuracy; she told me things only God would know. Apparently, I was a healer and was on the wrong path. More convincing was needed, apparently, because the same type of situation happened unsolicited two more times in different places in the same month. It was at that point, I decided to get an hour reading by a professional psychic. Guess what?  He blew my socks off! Besides shocking me with clear-cut evidence of not only dearly departed and incidences in my life that were unknown to others, he made it very clear I was hard-wired as a healer and a psychic. This isn’t particularly good news when you are raised conventionally as a Lutheran (basically a watered-down Catholic.) Oh boy, so now what do I do? I figured it was best to take action because I was not content with my career choice.

I started my Magical career (Harry Potter reference) training in Reiki, but that didn’t last long, because I saw inside bodies which is beyond the scope of Reiki. It would have been reckless had I continued without learning healthy boundaries and sharpening the skill set. As a result, I asked the Universe for a proper teacher to help me with the overwhelming empathy and visualizations of what I discovered was medical intuition. My Sufi teacher emerged and for the next year we homed in on not only the craft, but on energy healing, and hard-core boundaries. She was tough! Some of my biggest lessons were learned from her. It was at this point where I started my own practice. MUCH happened in the next decade but that is a story within itself. Years later, I enrolled in the SITS course at Fellowships of the Spirit in Lily Dale, NY. There was no question I needed to sharpen the psychic skill set and take everything to the next level because I was receiving information on relationships, careers, and other subject areas, including dearly departed. Once I finished the SITS intensive, there was zero thought into enrolling in the two-year program. Not only was I called to enroll, but the Universe provided the financial means as well. Fellowships was a game changer having provided the fabulous teachers and practice that I needed to launch a full-time business as a Spiritual Counselor!

Stay tuned as I will cover many subject areas.  The first will be about the logistics of starting, maintaining, and being successful at having your OWN practice as a psychic or healer. I call it The Practical Practitioner Series-for Psychics and Healers.

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Thanks for reading!

Published by Cindy Summer

I am a psychic both called and trained. My mission is to empower you with words or energy that brings healing and hope direct from Holy Spirit.

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