Introduction to The Practical Practitioner Series-for Psychics and Healers

This series addresses the logistics of starting, maintaining, and succeeding at owning a spiritual practice whether you are a psychic or a healer.

So…you’d like to start a business in the psychic healing realm but you’re not really sure about the HOW. You’ve either mulled it over or have seen clients here and there but nothing is fully established. Perhaps you’ve made some mistakes or are not sure of all the options available to you? It CAN be intimidating but it doesn’t really need to be. This is one of those wonderfully challenging ways that Spirit stretches us beyond our comfort zone. Essentially you are the apprentice but aspire to become the master. Most practitioners start out part-time and build their base, but it is feasible to have a full-time practice where you no longer need your Muggle job (Harry Potter reference.) Isn’t that appealing? Yes, that can happen, but let’s have our heads on straight with both feet on the ground. Slow and steady wins this race.

Here are some subsets of this topic that we will address, mostly through the venue of Zoom workshops, but also via this blog: space, fees, billing/collecting, bookkeeping, website, marketing/advertising, social media, policy, insurance, ethics, energy flow, and confidentiality. At times, we will dig deeper into the subject matter and for other topics I will simply bring them to your attention for you to ponder.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve tried pretty much everything from working out of my home to subletting to renting space. I’ve marketed myself in SO many ways; some techniques were successful and others were a terrible waste of time. There were times I adjusted my fee structure and was grateful but there were times I knew I made a big mistake. And yes, I’ve learned, in many cases, what NOT to do! Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. Albert Einstein

I’d like you to benefit from my experience. Look for my next post on space for your practice.

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Thanks for reading!

Published by Cindy Summer

I am a psychic both called and trained. My mission is to empower you with words or energy that brings healing and hope direct from Holy Spirit.

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