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This series addresses the logistics of starting, maintaining, and succeeding at owning a spiritual practice whether you are a psychic or a healer.

If your reading this post, I can imagine that you have a full plate. Perhaps you already have a full-time job? You may have children and work part-time. It’s possible you’re retired but take care of your elderly mom and squeeze in volunteer work on the side.

During the day, you watch your phone blow up with phone calls, emails, and texts. Your stress level rises because you know your time at home is now going to be getting back to clients. Somehow, you need to get everyone scheduled, hold sessions, and hope to spend a minute or two to yourself. It doesn’t happen. Why? You’re doing far too much! (You may be too readily accessible, but that’s for another post).

Enter the beauty of the booking software! My life became SO much easier when I added this button to my website.

First, I’d suggest doing the research on Capterra, appointment scheduling software.  Here is the link: Capterra. Be sure to look at the reviews and the capabilities.  Many of my colleagues use Acuity and swear by it. Schedulicity is another popular option. Personally, I like Ovatu. It is actually made for salons but yoga studios and counselors use it too. Even though they are based out of Sydney and London, their customer service is phenomenal. Due to the different time zone, however, I know to send most of my messages later in the day. They have never let me down and are out to prove themselves. You decide what looks best for you!

Second, be sure to consider whether you will be teaching classes because if you are, you’ll need group capability.

Third, make sure to have payment apps such as Paypal connected so that your client’s book and pay at the same time. This is a huge timesaver! I believe firmly in requiring payment to hold a timeslot. It is policy. I realize not everyone agrees with this philosophy, but I stand by this decision that I made about seven years ago. You will be taken seriously, especially if you have a second policy that states there are no refunds without 24 hours’ notice. Yes, there is room for reasonableness. I’ve had perhaps two true emergencies on my clients’ end where they needed to reschedule. The problem lies with the fact that many people confuse spiritual work with that of a nun or monk. Would you work a regular job at a discounted rate? NOPE! So, do not negotiate your own value.  If you do not value your time, why would anyone else? Yes, I’m passionate about this subject. I can tell you that at one time, my policy was much looser, and I was not taken seriously. People sometimes did not show up or showed up late. Some clients even tried to negotiate my fee down. Have the self-respect to stand firm; act like an entrepreneur.

I still receive phone calls, emails (via my contact button), and occasional texts, but my life is easier by this handy dandy little button. It did take time to set it up and learn any nuances, but it was worth it.

Lastly, it is crucial that you realize that any younger client in their twenties, thirties, forties, and even fifties may not consider you unless you’ve made it VERY easy. Clients in their twenties and thirties will avoid talking to a human at all costs! (Until it is time for session). The software enables you to obtain all information such as cell phone, email address (for your email blasts), and even physical address or emergency contact information depending on what you are providing. This is easily uploaded into an Excel spreadsheet.

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Thanks for reading!

Published by Cindy Summer

I am a psychic both called and trained. My mission is to empower you with words or energy that brings healing and hope direct from Holy Spirit.

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