Marketing via YouTube

The Practical Practitioner Series-for Psychics & Healers

This series addresses the logistics of starting, maintaining, and succeeding at owning a spiritual practice whether you are a psychic or a healer.

As a business owner, it’s wise to take advantage of any free-of-charge marketing platforms. YouTube is one of my favorites for several reasons.  First, it is user-friendly; not much is required other than a cell phone with video capacity and good lighting. If you don’t have a videographer, as most do not, all you need is a selfie ring light with a tripod for under $40. The tripod holds the cell phone and may have several different light settings including warmer versus cooler lighting along with brighter to dimmer lighting. Make sure it has a remote that gets paired with your cell phone.  This way, you can take pictures along with starting and stopping the video on your phone. To create a YouTube channel, you simply need a Gmail account, a cover picture, and a profile. Editing software is also an option if you find your videos need a bit of work whether it is sound reduction, cutting, or adding music or text.

Second, YouTube is absolutely loved by Google. If you are hoping to do well with SEO (search engine optimization), it will be necessary to play into Google’s algorithms. What does this mean?  Establish a YouTube channel and embed it on your website. Google WILL notice.

Third, I have found that people’s attention spans have become incredibly short since the era of texting. It seems that the written word has taken a back seat to video. My suggestion for videos is to vary the length depending on the message. I have found than videos less than one minute in duration are a good fit for promotional videos (depending on how quickly you can get your message across), but longer videos are helpful for educational purposes.

Fourth, if you have a variety of content, YouTube gives the option of having Playlists so you can divvy up content based on subject matter.

Fifth, like many platforms, YouTube allows for tags. For instance, if you are in the healing arts, you may want to use tags such as: healer, healing, energy healing, energy work, reiki, and even body work. This helps your viewers to find you.

Sixth, you have the control to discern whether you will allow your viewers to make comments with or without your approval. Take time to look at this option. Yes, there are trolls who may make rude comments, but it may also cultivate discussion and give you the opportunity to grow your channel by getting ideas from viewers. This is up to you and you may change your mind many times!

Lastly, be sure to add links to your other videos that the viewer may find useful. This not only helps the viewer but aids in the traffic going to your channel.

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Published by Cindy Summer

I am a psychic both called and trained. My mission is to empower you with words or energy that brings healing and hope direct from Holy Spirit.

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