Cindy Summer – Spiritual Counselor

I am a spiritual counselor infused with holistic roots in mind-body-spirit needs. Clients seek me out for the purpose of psychic readings and energy work, but will often reach-out for support with spirit removal. I’m known for empowering my clients, providing tools for happiness and health. What usually happens is that a client seeks my help. After I earn their trust and respect, the relationship grows. Their experience is often so meaningful that their extended families are now consulting with me. What makes me appealing is that not only am I called to a life of service, but I am inherently gifted AND trained. I take your needs very seriously.

Worth noting, my credentials are a real version of Hogwarts School. Over a decade ago, I trained over a year fine-tuning energy work and medical intuition via the Sufi tradition through the SpiritHeal Institute in Cleveland. My psychic, and by default, mediumship skills, have been sharpened through a two-year school, Fellowships of the Spirit, in Lily Dale, NY. Through the school, I am an ordained minister in the Spiritualist Church. Expect to be treated with both non-judgment and compassion, and all readings are confidential – always! Lastly, I am a wedding minister and officiant.

As always, it is your choice whether you combine my techniques with conventional methods or simply choose the holistic route of healing.

I also have a love for dream interpretation. Check out the videos from Fox 8, New Day Cleveland and WKYC, Channel 3 in Cleveland where I analyze viewers’ dreams and discuss dream symbology.

I am pleased to offer psychic readings in Savannah, Georgia and psychic readings in Columbus, Ohio.

Cindy in the News

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